World Without Boundary

Create a world without bias

Stereotyping Program

What it is:

This program will mainly focus on Bias. The participants will learn why and when we would have unconscious biases towards other people and ourselves. This program promotes the importance of the conditions of work and social protection, and Diversity and equal opportunities.
Training needs that the program address:
  • People want to provide service to diversity group without bias
  • People want to learn diversity cases to best understand customers’ needs
  • People want to identify their unconscious bias and eliminate them
  • Managers want to build a better and healthy image for their organization
Program Flow: Part 1: Why I bia and I am biased?
  • Through Psychological Activity “Two Fathers?” to find out what is bias and how bias is formed
  • Learn how bias are affecting our work and our life
  • Through Psychological Activity “Who’s the Thief?” to understand bias
Part 2: Biases in our work
  • Understand what are the typical target groups that easily biased in our work and what triggers our biases
Part 3: 2 moments to manage diversity
  • Through Psychological exercise “Who serve the starving person best?” to learn the key to serve diversity is to show you are neutral when they come to you
Part 4: 3As to provide services to diversity group
  • 3As: Ask to help, Acknowledge, Answer
  • Use the 3As to manage problems of audience