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Make-up Artistic Brand: Managers and Supervisors Providing JIT Coaching to Make-up Artists

Business Nature A fast growing make-up artistic brand has a very aggressive business plan in upcoming years; they totally understand that customer experience is always a key differentiator in such highly competitive niche market. Make-up artists are always the first crucial touch point with customers, they help customers uncover their inner beauty besides make-up skills.
Challenges High turnover rate and the uniqueness of the new generation have been giving challenge to the retail management. Supervisors or shop managers must know how to engage and empower their make-up artists to delight customers with their individual style while still aligning the brand image. They hate listening to orders, following the instructions and to keep doing repetitive robotic works. Besides, supervisors or shop managers found difficulties in coaching the make-up artists especially for the peak hours or in prime time period. However, the make-up artists could not remember what their managers taught to them in their actual work if their supervisors or shop managers addressed their issues in morning briefing of following days. Moreover, make-up skills, interpersonal skills and selling skills cannot be imparted by the experienced make-up artists effectively.
Intervention ROCK tailor-made a holistic approach (JIT Coaching Workshop + JIT Head Coach TTT + JIT Field-coaching) exclusively for them. All selected shop managers and supervisors had been invited for 1-day Just-in-Time (JIT) Coaching workshop that help them to do coaching in 10 minute. Make-up artist can definitely come up with alternatives themselves and figure out how they can do better if they encounter similar situation in the future again. With a view to better enhancing the coaching culture, 4 head coaches have been selected for attending “JIT Head Coach TTT”. ROCK helped them to coach others effectively even in some difficult situations and occasions. They realized how to do framing and turn negativity to positivity through advanced coaching techniques. We sustained the change through “JIT Field Coaching”, the 4 JIT head coaches needed to identify the coaching moments and do JIT coaching in front of ROCK Coach. ROCK Coach did JIT coaching for the head coaches after they have done their coaching.
Achievements Annual Business Target had been achieved in only 5 months and turnover rate has dropped 28% when compared with the same period last year. Skills could be imparted in a more effective manner as 26% higher in passing rate of make-up artist certification and information could be cascaded in a more efficient manner as 13% less in formal briefing conducted in the past 1 year.