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Fortune 20 Insurance Company: Customer-first

Business Nature A Fortune 20 insurance company provides comprehensive insurance and security covering life, health and assets, as well as wealth management and retirement plans to help customers achieve a stable and abundant life.
Challenges According to statistics, for every two new customers, one existing customer will be lost. The company hopes to promote the concept of “customer first” globally, improve the quality of customer service and reduce customer loss. They set a very challenging goal of customer number growth.
Intervention Rock was invited to design and impart “customer-first” courses. The course starts from “Why” to help trainees know the importance of service awareness as an insurance practitioner. Using experiential learning to let trainees experience the guests’ personal feelings while handling various business; by putting trainees in customers’ shoes, they realized that a seemingly small service error can lead to a severe consequence and increase a lot of workload for the team. Next came “What and How”. Trainees got to know what is “customer first” service and we taught a series of customer service skills to improve customer experience. Trainees practiced and reinforced their skills by using case studies and role play. All levels of employees in all departments of the whole company were trained. They were striving to make the whole company one. The service concept of “customer first” can be practiced in all positions.
Achievements The project started from 2015. Until 2017, 25 classes for front-line staff, 11 classes for managers and 36 classes for executives were set up. The total number of trainees reached 720. Since the course was a hit with our trainees, it was promoted to Malaysia and the local executive team took the course. The company has exceeded its goal one year after the project started.